Innovative Solutions for Infrastructure and Services

in Remote Environments

Modular and Mobile

Services and Infrastructure

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First Responder / MOUT
Civil / Military Training 
Healthcare / Telehealth 
Digital Health
Disaster Relief & Humanitarian Aid
Habitable Structures 




The RSG101 Mission is to improve the health, safety, and welfare of the global community by providing critical infrastructure and services for remote and austere environments.

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RSG101 provides the highest quality turn-key infrastructure and services solutions, quickly and affordably, to communities around the world.

Worldwide Leader 

As a Woman-owned small business, RSG101 is a world leader in innovative and sustainable solutions for challenging environments.  RSG101's containerized and mobile structures offer innovative turnkey systems for sustainable, portable and modular infrastructures.

Modular Construction

RSG101 offers construction technologies to include:

  • Standard Containers

  • Light Gauge Steel

  • Commercial Modular

  • Containerized Housing Units (CHUs)

  • Modular Concrete 

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Fully Customizable

From small to large scale projects, RSG101's services and infrastructure solutions are used in the Military, Commercial, and Humanitarian markets.  All structures are designed using RSGdesign, a real-time, interactive design process, to meet each client’s unique requirements.

Logistical Expertise Focused on Quality & Rapid Deployment

RSG101 logistics capability and industry leading supply chain enable us to deliver the highest quality shelter solutions quickly and affordably to customers around the world. RSG is the premier manufacturer, designer, engineer and installer of modular structures and offers modular construction technologies that can be deployed and redeployed faster and more economically than traditional construction.

Pioneering Technologies

RSG101 pairs its capabilities with these pioneering technologies:


  • Self-Lifting Shipping Containers

  • Tele-Presence

  • Containerized Solar Technology

  • Mobile Power Generators 

  • Water Filtration and Storage

  • Digital Healthcare

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